Lifespan Integration

Seattle Therapist

Lifespan Integration is a powerful yet gentle technique that can quickly and effectively resolve past issues that are causing current life problems. It is a method that heals without re-traumatizing.

Talking about past trauma or abuse in therapy doesn't necessarily help people to move beyond it. Lifespan Integration uses a psychological technique called an "affect bridge" to find a memory which is connected to the current problem. The therapist guides the client to re-visit this past memory in their imagination, bringing into the past whatever is needed to resolve the memory. Then the therapist leads the client through time to the present using a Time Line of visual images of scenes from the client's life. This Time Line of memories and images proves to the client's mind-body system that time has passed and that life is different now. This "proof" can occur at a deeper level than is possible with with talk therapy methods. This means the client will no longer feel overwhelmed when the memory is triggered. PTSD symptoms such as flashbacks, intrusive and repetitive memories and nightmares can also be eliminated. Often, symptoms clear in one Lifespan Integration session.

Lifespan Integration also works well with people who have trouble remembering their pasts. During Lifespan Integration therapy, clients who began with memory gaps are eventually able to connect the pieces of their lives into a coherent whole.

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