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I provide case consultation to licensed therapists, either on a one time basis or on an ongoing basis. I enjoy the experience of working with newer therapists as they encounter novel situations and challenges and begin to develop their therapeutic style. I also enjoy the challenge of working with more experienced therapists who are consulting on cases where they've already tried everything in their extensive toolbox. I have experience working with children, teens and their families, as well as experience treating adult individuals and couples. My initial training was in Family Systems, but I quickly developed an interest in attachment theory and Object Relations, and understanding of attachment styles continues to be the basis from which I work.  Shortly after becoming licensed myself, I was introduced to Narrative Therapy. I had the great privilege of attending multiple trainings with Michael White and having small group trainings with David Epston, John Winslade and Johnella Bird as part of the Seattle Narrative Group. I was also able to do one way mirror reflecting team work (now referred to as outsider witness groups) while working at Good Samaritan Mental Health in Puyallup, Washington. I provided trainings on Narrative Therapy and treating attachment issues to staff at Good Samaritan and also at Community Psychiatric Clinic in Seattle. I am still greatly influenced by Narrative Therapy, especially by the way it helps people to change their identity story from one that is negative and shame based to one that is more balanced, accurate, and compassionate. I have expanded my practice in the last fifteen years to include EMDR, Lifespan Integration and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.


 I am available for case consultation in person, by phone or by video chat. My fee for consultation is the same as for seeing clients, $150 per 50 minute meeting. I do provide some sliding scale consultation for newer therapists just getting started in private practice or seeking consultation beyond what is provided at their community-based setting.
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