Fees, Insurance and Forms



My fee is $140 for a 50 minute session, except for the first Intake session, which is $160. From time to time, a client is in need of a longer 75 minute session, which is $210. Payment is by cash, check, debit or credit card.


I'm an in-network provider for First Choice. You may see me listed as in-network for Regence/Blue Cross, but I am currently not taking new clients on Regence or any Blue Cross Insurance as I'm about to become out of network and am waiting for current Regence/Blue Cross clients to end before I end my contract. I see many clients who are using out-of-network coverage through insurance such as Premera, Cigna and Aetna, which cover my services in part after any deductible is met. I do bill insurance for you for both in-network and out-of-network coverage.


With regards to confidentiality, keep in mind that when you use your insurance, I am required to provide your insurance company with a diagnosis and they can require information on your progress in order to continue to cover therapy. Some people opt not to use insurance in order to protect their confidentiality. If you are using insurance to help pay for therapy, it's important to contact your insurance company to clarify your benefits before coming to your first appointment. You, and not your insurance company, are ultimately responsible for paying for therapy services, so it’s important to be clear on what your benefit covers. Here are the important questions to ask when you call for information:

  • Do I have coverage for Outpatient Therapy?

  • Is the provider I selected in-network or out-of-network?

  • What is my co-pay (also called "co-insurance")? Is it different for an in-network versus out-of-network provider?

  • Do I have a deductible and how much of it has been met so far? Do I have a separate deductible for mental health than for medical? When does the deductible start over – the beginning of the calendar year in January or some other date that my plan renews?

  • Do I have a limit on how many sessions a year are covered?

  • Do I need a pre-authorization for services to be covered?



Below are the forms you will need to read and fill out before your first appointment. You can download the forms here or (click on the file icon below, then go to your computer downloads file and click on the file to load it). Or, at your request, I can have the forms waiting for you in the waiting room at my office, in which case you would come to your first appointment 15 minutes early to allow you enough time to review and fill them out. You will need to sign the Therapist-Client Service Agreement in person at our first session. This form outlines your rights as a consumer, provides you with my license number, covers your rights to privacy and let's you know about my office policies, including the cancellation and no-show policies. You need only print and bring the signature page (the final page) if you've read the form in advance. The second form is your Intake form, which collects your contact information, insurance information (if any), and asks some questions about your history and concerns. If it feels like the questions on the form are too triggering, you do not have to answer the questions about your background and concerns. The final form is the debit/credit card authorization form that you will fill out if you prefer to pay with a debit or credit card. Some people prefer cash or check in order to protect confidentiality. I'm happy to answer any questions about the forms at our first session.